What happens when art and science mix together?

Crafty Science.
Using creativity to design the interface and science to implement functionality. It is an innovative way to combine the two worlds together to create apps for the iPhone.

The Crafty Science Team

Jon, the Developer

The man behind the Crafty Science idea. Since he was a young kid Jon has always loved science. When he was 6 he learned how to modify a game. Since then his passion has been building and modifying programs. Jon studied Computer Engineering Technology in college and has been in the field for 8 years. He has worked as a Software Tester, Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer, iOS developer, and Technical Lead. With the increasing popularity of app development, he decided to develop & release his own apps by starting his own company called Crafty Science.

Marelou, the Designer

She brings the art and design to the table for Crafty Science. Marelou studied Visual & Graphic Communications in college and she has been working in the design field for 7 years. Marelou worked on numerous projects from print ads, animation, web design, interactive media, photography, and video editing. She recently released a childrens Book for the iPad 2 called, "The Legend of Little Fu" as well as a weekly childrens animation series on YouTube called, "Leelu's Corner." She is excited to work on more Crafty Science projects.

Contact Us

For all inquiries, please contact:jon@craftyscience.com